Anthony Howell (PhD, UCLA) is Assistant Professor in the School of Economics at Peking University.  He was previously a Fulbright scholar at the Lincoln Institute of Urban Development and Land Policy in Beijing,  and a Science and Technology policy fellow at the National Academies of Sciences in Washington DC.   Anthony received graduate training in both Statistics (M.S., UCLA) and Geography/GIS (M.S., MSU) and is experienced in policy impact analysis, forecasting, cost-benefit analyses, GIS, and big data analytics. His research covers innovation and entrepreneurship,  urban and regional economics, labour, and  migration with a focus on the Chinese economy.

Anthony’s research interests are in a large way a natural extension of his own personal experiences facing issues of poverty and inequality in early childhood, and working full-time on the factory assembly lines in the auto industry during summers as a teenager.  It was during these early years that he became interested in issues about labor and the nature of work, as well as issues related to race, poverty and inequality.  As factory plants later began to close down in his hometown, he also developed an interest in urban and regional development issues.  Anthony added an international dimension to his research interests during his collegiate years when he was able to successfully secure external grants and scholarships to engage in community and economic development projects in rural parts of western Ireland, impoverished neighborhoods in southern parts of Mexico, and restive multi-ethnic communities in northwestern China.  In total, Anthony has spent more than five years living and working in the developing world.